Collar pins

Collar pins are more sophisticated than most other men’s accessories, and will really elevate your appearance. Collar pins were a must-have in the 20s’ and 30s’ and they have made a strongcome back lately. A collar pinlifts your tie slightly to make it pop out, and it looks just stunning!

In order to use a collar pin, you will need a shirt with two small holes in the collar. If you have your shirts made to measure, you can just ask for this feature and your tailor will know all about it. Some of the better shirt brands have also started to carry these collars again.

The collar pin consists of a pin with a bead in each end attached with a thread. You simply unscrew one of the beads and slide the pin through the holes in the collar, underneath the tie, and fasten the end bead on the opposite collar. Now you´re ready to be noticed.


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