Here you will find our collection of tie clips, tie tacks and collar strays.
A tie clip is both a practical measure and a beautiful accessory for your suit. It keeps your tie in place, so it doesn’t get into your food during dinner, or blows around while you’re on the go. At the same time, it makes you appear sharp and stylish. Once you have found the right tie clip you simply can’t do without it.

A tie tack meets the same need as a tie clip – to keep your tie in place – but the pin needs to be pushed through the tie and through the post on the shirt and then attached to the back side of the shirt with the provided mechanism. It is recommended you only use tie tacks with a loose woven tie in order not to make any irreparable holes in your tie.

A collar stay is one accessory that is purely functional and has no obvious visual value. Its sole purpose is to make your collar stand straight and to avoid the so-called bacon collar. That said, the poor plastic stays that often come with a shirt just don’t do the job. Try replacing them with our sterling silver collar stays. They do the job to perfection and give you that certain feeling of luxury that comes from wearing something precious without anyone being able to tell.