Cufflinks – then, and now

Cufflinks are a major core product with Men Up North, and we love them. There’s so much room for play.

And yet at the same time, there are strict constraints and a specific frame of reference for the design to take off from. Often the best design results come from these well-defined limitations.


Cufflinks have been around for a while

Cufflinks, in one form or another, have been around since the mid-1600’s. They came around from the simple need for closing a shirt’s cuffs. Only in the 1800’s did they become decorative objects, which also meant that they became a way of communicating status, wealth and affiliations. Then, during the first half of the 1900’s, came the more sporty and informal types of shirts where the cuffs were closed using simple buttons. That eliminated the need for cufflinks.

So, strictly speaking, we don’t really need cufflinks anymore for any practical reason. But you’d be hard pressed to find a more stylish and dashing look for a man than a well-ironed shirt with french cuffs, adorned with a pair of beautiful, well-crafted cufflinks. In many parts of the world, cufflinks are still considered an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.


Not limited to formal occasions

You can find cufflinks at all price levels on the market. Cheap cufflinks, in particular, have a tendency to have a novelty character, which actually emphasizes how cufflinks don’t have to be limited to stuffy, formal occasions.

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At Men Up North we make all our cufflinks out of precious metals and to the highest standards of quality. We design and manufacture both classical types, daring statements and new takes, even street style cufflinks – tied together in our signature graphic, Scandinavian design language.


Ability to spark the attention

We always strive to challenge ourselves. And we take pride in looking for new mechanics and new ways of shaping and wearing the cufflink. We want your cufflinks to bring you joy for many years to come. And we want them to last for so long that you are able to pass them on to future generations.

Today more than ever, having a strong personal appearance and presence, and showing that you take care of yourself, plays an important role in the first impression when meeting people. Is your shirt well-ironed? Does your suit fit your body type? Do you look like you enjoy wearing it? The cufflinks can be the detail that gets a conversation going – often there’s a story to them, from simply why you like the design to their provenance as an heirloom, even their size or value.

Cufflinks elevate your attire, emphasize your attention to detail, and are so unquestionably masculine.

Scroll through our selection of cufflinks – there might be something that fits your style