History repeating: Jewellery back to being cool

Do men wear jewellery? The brief answer is: Yes. But as with every other question, there are nuances. In this post, we want to dive into those nuances for a while. Tag along and get a little insight into the story of men’s jewellery…

Once, men wore more jewellery than women. Men dressed more formally, and jewellery was important artefacts signalling both social status and affiliation.

Jewellery had both practical functions and was sometimes even a device: It could be cufflinks that closed the shirt cuffs or it could be loose shirt buttons made from mother of pearl. But it could also be a combination such as a signet ring that both indicated affiliation, social status and could be used to sign a letter: The motif on the top of the ring were pressed into hot wax and subsequently used to seal an envelope or a contract.

Over time, men’s clothing became more and more liberated in Western countries. This meant, especially in the Scandinavian countries, that men stopped wearing jewellery for a (brief) period of time.


Men’s jewellery becomes popular

In recent years, we have witnessed an exciting development. It has become increasingly popular to wear a tie, bowtie, suits and cufflinks.

This is due to the fact that jewellery is no longer compulsion but voluntarily a way to express your personality. Men want to indicate that they are in charge of the details and that they have made a conscious choice of wearing jewellery.

This has made several men’s jewellery brands come to surface. They provide men’s jewellery that completes the outfit and creates an opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a particular detail, for example, a lapel pin or a pair of beautiful cufflinks.


Classic and street-like jewellery

Men Up North stands for timeless, classic and high-quality design, combined with more street-like styles and a few extravagant pieces such as silver cased walking stick and large statement rings.

If you’re more into the raw and handmade style you might be attracted to the work of either Black Rock Jewel or Priisholm. Each one of them displays their own style with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Both brands are based in Copenhagen.

Regardless of your style, or whether you are switching between the raw and the classic look, accessories are a way of emphasising your personal style. You can add a small, understated piece of luxury, that is only visible when you’re close. Or you can give it all you’ve got with large diamond-filled rings. It all depends on your choice of style.

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