How to #1: Tie clip

People often ask questions about our jewellery. What are their functions? How to use it? One of the items we’re most often asked questions about is the tie clip. What are the rules? Where should I place it? In this post, we’ll reveal some of the answers.

One of the questions that routinely lands in our mailbox is: How to place a tie clip? Is there any special height that is appropriate, and is the tie clip supposed to be in the right or the left side of the tie?

Tie clips need to be placed properly

To answer this question, we’ve made a small infographic that shows the sweet spot. The sweet spot is where we would place the tie clip (other people or designers might tell you differently).

Length of the tie clip

Next question is about the length of the tie clip. However, there is no simple answer. Alas, we’ll go with a classic: At Men Up North we think that the length of the tie clip is primarily a matter of taste.

Some people prefer an ultra-short clip. Other people think that the best look is when the clip stretches all the way across the tie. If you’re somewhere in between, Men Up North luckily also offers a middle-length tie clip. It fits the width of most ties and effectively underlines that you are in control of the details when it comes to men’s accessories.

In one of the following newsletters, we’ll tell you about the different sorts of tie accessories, that you can order, the history behind the tie clip and you’ll even get the opportunity to win one of our very own tie clips.