At Men Up North we believe that SIZE really does matter! When it comes to the size of a ring finding the right size is important. And remember; you can always return your ring if it does not fit.


Maybe you know your ring size as well as your shoe size – or maybe you have no idea. If so don’t worry, there are several ways of finding out – although none as good as paying your local jeweller a visit and have them measure either your finger, or a ring you already know to fit well.


Some jewellers may not be entirely happy about helping if they sense that you aren’t buying anything from them – we recommend being honest and up-front about your intention. Don’t pretend like you’re shopping and waste more of their time and effort. Let them know that you’ve fallen in love with this ring from Men Up North, and offer to pay them to help you with the measuring. A jeweller with a solid understanding of customer service will recognise the opportunity for giving you a good experience, making you much more likely to return as a bona de customer in the future.


Also, if you go to a local store and have them help you, you can take a picture of yourself with the jeweller/gold- smith and send it to us along with their address – we’ll knock 20€ o your purchase, for you to pay them for their trouble (we reserve the right to call them and verify that they received this payment).


Right, to the practicalities of ring sizes. There are some circumstances you should take into consideration:

  1. Time of day. Our fingers tend to be thicker in the evening than in the morning. measure your finger in the afternoon at normal room temperature.
  2. Temperature, or even season. Your hands will tend to swell when it’s hot and shrink when it’s cold
  3. Lifestyle changes. Losing or gaining weight in general can also affect finger size
  4. Happy circumstance! During pregnancy a woman’s fingers may swell, in some cases retaining a larger size after childbirth
  5. The width of the ring. A wide band will probably need to be several sizes bigger than a narrow one
  6. Band shape. It may be a straight “pipe” shape or have a curved inside, in which case the size should be measured at the smallest diameter. Almost all Men Up North rings are of the curved shape for comfort


You may already have noticed that, like with shoes and clothes, there are also different scales of ring size. They’re all about the diameter of the ring, corresponding to the thickness of the finger it goes on, of course, but turning this measurement into a size is done in different ways around the world. Being a danish company, the Men Up North webshop uses the scandinavian scale where the size corresponds to the inside circumference of the ring, i.e. a size 60 measures 60 millimeters in circumference. The US, Japan and other countries have other systems that have been adopted throughout various parts of the planet. If you know your size in one of these systems, use our conversion table.


You may also have access to a ring measuring toolset (left) or a ring mandrel (right). In case of using the toolset, try to find a width that’s as close to the ring you’re buying as possible. Having found the size, convert to scandinavian sizes with the conversion table if necessary. Your local jeweller almost certainly has these tools – or, if you want your own, you can buy them in DIY jewellery shops. Alternatively, you can buy them from Men Up North, just drop us a line at contact@menupnorth.com.

the tools 1


If you feel too uncertain about all of this to confidently order, we offer a special service for you. Pick your ring and select the size you think is closest to yours, and then simply write “ring size verification kit” in the comment box during checkout. We will send you a 3D-printed in plastic version of your ring in your selected size plus two larger and two smaller sizes. Try them on and decide which one is the right one, and let our friendly customer service team know via email.


If you have a ring that fits you can measure it with a regular workshop caliper.
It measures the diameter of the ring, which can then be converted to our sizes using the chart on page 3. The picture shows a digital and an analogue caliper – you can find them at most hardware stores if you want your own.

the tools 2

Also an option, if your well fitting ring has a straight pipe- shape inside: Print out the PDF sheet below and find the circle which fits the ring’s inside best. Be advised, if the band has any inside curvature, the size that looks right when it’s laid on the chart can easily be several sizes too big. For curved ring bands the ring mandrel or calipers give the best results. In the picture the ring measures 21.14 millimeters, corresponding to a size 66 – if your ring measures out between two sizes, always opt for the larger one.

a caliper is measuring the inside of a skull ring

Placing a ring on the above chart like this and aligning its outer rim, we find a size 70 match – unfortunately, for this ring it’s more than four sizes too big.

Measuring with a caliper shows a diameter of 21.14mm, corresponding to a size 66.

This is due to the inside curvature of the ring band. It
makes a ring like this more comfortable, but a little harder to measure.

the tools 4
the tools 5
the tools 6
the tools 7

There’s a lot of suggested methods for measuring ring size – for example, this paper template, which you wrap around your finger for a convenient size readout. It’s a nice idea that seems like it should work, but unfortunately it doesn’t. In our experience, it always measures a bit too big.
The method is more suitable for measuring things like bracelet size, where fractions of a millimeter doesn’t matter that much.

All this might seem like overkill – but we believe it pays to take your time finding the right ring size before buying.
At Men Up North we manufacture your items to order – which doesn’t mean you can’t return or exchange it if you need to, but it does mean that getting the wrong size will add significantly to the time you have to wait before finally wearing the Men Up North ring of your dreams.

the tools 8
the tools 9
the tools 10


The Northbead To find your size, grab a measuringtape and measure your wrist. To allow for comfort and give a bit of room for the braceletto move and rest nicely towards the back of your hand, we recommend that you fit two fingers under the measuringtape as shown in the picture.

If you can ́t get your hands on a measuringtape, simply cut out a strap of paper, wrap it around your wrist the same way, and measure the length with a regular ruler. The pictures show our man measuring his wrist,

finding it 20cm including “finger space”. If you prefer a tighter fit you can choose a smaller size but beware that the length quoted for each size is the actual length of the strap. if you measure 20 cm tightly, and choose a size large, it’s going to feel too tight.

The Northbead strap is designed to go around twice.

If you are in doubt don ́t hesitate to write us – we’ll gladly help you find the right size.