The power of being well-dressed

Are you job hunting, looking to attract attention from the opposite (or same) sex, or do you just want to feel comfortable with yourself? We’ll throw some tips at you so you can dress to the occasion and feel the power of being well-dressed.

Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. This saying goes for almost anything in your life. In other words: Being well-dressed no doubt will make a difference in life-changing situations.

At first glance, people don’t know each other so you’re left with outer judgement. But this is not the most important reason to care about how you dress and how you appear.

It actually benefits your confidence if you’re well-dressed and well-groomed. You might even feel that people will treat you a little differently when you approach them with style. But we will almost guarantee, that YOU will feel different.


Make an effort to look dapper

Whether you’re trying to boost yourself – or if you are actually trying to impress someone – your chances of succeeding will improve vastly if you make an effort to look as stylish as possible. The first impression counts – and why not strive to be the best version of yourself?

It is easy to tell if you have done something extra to look dapper. And you can pave the way for your success if people instantly recognize that you’re in control of the small details.

Think big. Start small. Remove the hair from your nose and ears. Trim your beard and cut your nails. Iron your shirt, tie your tie properly, and wear a suit that fits you like it is supposed to?

You don’t necessarily have to rock a razor-sharp suit or a tuxedo. Jeans can do the work for you. But they need to fit your figure, and your shoes need to be well-kept and clean.

Above all: Make an effort.


Show surplus energy and stand out from the crowd

And what about the details? Do you have a pair of nice cufflinks? Or a nice tie pin that keeps the tie out of the soup on New Year’s Eve? Or are you ready to take the leap with a collar pin that REALLY makes you stand out?

You can also choose to indicate that extra little something by wearing a cool signet ring or an exquisite bracelet next to the watch. From experience, we know that this is really something that underlines an eye for detail and surplus energy.

And just for the context of this month: Remember, that if people invite you to celebrate either Christmas or New Year, using some energy to look sharp is also a message to the host that you appreciate his/her invitation.