The story of Men Up North

– Accessories designed for the modern gentleman. Everything for your shirt, tie and suit. Bold but classy, rugged yet stylish and often with a twist.

Every Men Up North piece is lovingly crafted, finished & assembled by hand. This process lends a distinct personality, making each piece unique, even if it’s in very subtle ways. Tiny variations in moldings and casting, in finishing and polishing, materials etc. is to be expected – in fact, this is a Men Up North feature. This is what signifies that while there may be more of any particular item out there, that one is yours, and there isn’t one exactly like it anywhere in the world. 

Men Up North combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest cutting-edge technology, always striving to reach an impeccable level of quality. Every piece is carefully designed and developed to perfection in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, and manufactured in our neighboring country, Germany, with its long tradition of craftsmanship at the highest standards.

Our Chief designer, Thor Høy, has a distinct and easily recognizable design language of calm geometry and strong symmetry followed by anuncompromising degree of functionality, and often with a surprising twist on the normal. His Scandinavian upbringing, the Nordic design heritage and his keen eye for details are obvious, and its no wonder that Thor Høy is working for several international design brands within jewellery, lighting, product and furniture. His curiosity and productivity are unstoppable, his knowledge about materials and processes is immense. He works equally well with haute couture objects and with commercial collection production.

Thor Høy began early on to work for Trollbeads, designing silver beads to put on their famous charm bracelets and later gained his deep knowledge of the high-end jewellery field by working for the world class silversmith and design house Georg Jensen. Here he worked with some of the world’s finest gold and silversmiths while designing entire collections of men’s jewellery for the world-renowned brand.

portrait, MUN creative lead and cofounder Thor Høy // portræt, MUN kreativ chef og med-grundlægger Thor Høy
“Let’s design things so we won’t get tired of looking at them.
To make people happy every time they’re taken out or put on. To me, that’s a big part of sustainability

– Thor Høy

Men Up North Thor Høy og Marianne Poulsen


We are proud to say we are a family. Not only are the two founders a couple, we are also a young company, surrounding ourselves with good friends. We want every part of our team and organization to feel like family, traveling through life together to take things to the next level every day, helping each other hone our skills to do even better and to always do the right thing. We believe the people we work with want to do the best and be the best.

Doing the best and the right thing isn’t always simple, or even possible, but it’s worth taking some beatings to get as close as possible. It’s very important to us, that we don’t exploit our earth more than strictly necessary. There are things we already do and things we want to do in the future.



We have realized that the market for fair trade gold and silver hasn’t matured enough yet. When it has become a feasible choice and we have grown up too, we will surely pick it up again.
But there are things we already do. We have succeeded in having all our jewellery manufactured locally in Denmark and Germany, keeping competencies and jobs in the region.

We are also careful with what materials we use. We only use FSC certified hardwood, and our mammoth tooth comes with a certificate of origin upon request. When we use amber and semi-precious stones, we make sure they are purchased from a sustainable and trusted source. All our white diamonds are so-called Lab-Grown diamonds. It’s a real diamond, don´t worry, but engineers have miraculously developed a process by which they, in a modern factory, can imitate the processes taking place deep below ground but with no need for digging holes in our beautiful Earth and with no risk of conflict or blood diamonds.
You can read more about the materials we use here.

We want to be the preferred brand of premium accessories for the modern gentleman, the leader and the man who wants to stand out. We want to deliver timeless design of the highest quality, good enough for you to keep and pass on to the next generation. We are determined to travel this path in a way that leaves a positive mark on the landscape.


We aim to respond in substance to any email within 24 hours, but we’ll usually get to you right away. 
Never hesitate to reach out to us – with feedback, both good and bad, questions, or ideas that you want to share. Or just to say “hi!”.  

Who we are

Men Up North ApS
Dagmarsgade 10A
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

VAT no.: DK38187767

Thor Høy
founder, lead designer

Marianne Poulsen
founder, administration, sales

Jesper Friis
photo, graphics

Anne Priess 
head of advisory board