What Men Up North is all about

Good-looking, high-quality design has a long lifespan, and one of the goals for Men Up North is that our jewellery can be handed down from father to son. We are devoted to being sustainable, and long-lasting design is an important step in that process.

Men Up North consists of me, Thor Høy, and Marianne Poulsen. We established the company one year ago but our ambitions are sky-high. We are already one of the leading brands in Denmark but we want the world to know what’s going on in the North.


Designed in Copenhagen, produced in Europe

Everything is designed in Copenhagen – and subsequently primarily produced in Germany. Germany is one of the places where manufacturing companies are still able to produce both large and small series. Additionally, they hold high standards for quality and craftsmanship that fit our demands.

You see, I am obsessed by an almost unbearable perfectionism. This is why the German mentality regarding demands for quality fits my need for control perfectly. At the same time, I am constantly thinking about new designs, and have new inventions working all the time, so it makes sense with suppliers who can test if my idea holds water.


Men Up North want magic to happen

We want to keep the craftsmanlike competencies in Europe because magic occurs when a talented designer works with a talented craftsman. We combine the latest technology, such as 3D scanning and 3D print, with classic handicraft. And our aim is to make the best from both worlds come together in mesmerising design.

In addition, I want to invite you into my workshop. Here, I want to share with you how I use 3D technology and combine it with traditional craftsmanship. I want to share my personal experiences and opinions about style, tendencies, design, quality, entrepreneurship, running a business and, not least, gold, silver and diamonds.


Woman with solid experience

The saying goes that behind every successful man there is a woman. And in the administrative tunnels of Men Up North, this is quite true. Marianne is our CEO with solid experience from the shopping industry and service business. She makes sure that our management works. And I’m pretty sure that Men Up North would have a hard time surviving if it wasn’t for her.

I am the designer behind every style, and it’s me who turns ideas into jewellery. I have a background as a jewellery and product designer with international Danish brands such as Georg Jensen, Rosendahl and Trollbeads.

In the private quarters, we are also a couple, living in Copenhagen. Welcome to our jewellery world.

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